Hydrothermalism: a major contributor to the oceanic inventory of dissolved zinc
Important spatial variation of the Particulate Organic Carbon export along the GEOVIDE section in the North Atlantic Ocean
Inference about rates of thorium and particle cycling in the ocean water column
Isotopic chromium variations do not always reflect the occurrence of low oxygenated waters
Large amounts of soluble manganese(III) identified at the land-ocean interface
Lead isotopes tracks leakage of Indian Ocean seawater into the Atlantic Ocean
Low iron sulfide precipitation rate in hydrothermal fluids during the early stage of mixing
Manganese in the west Atlantic Ocean in the context of the first global ocean circulation model of manganese
Metal contents of North Atlantic phytoplankton across environmental gradients
New neodymium data in the North East Atlantic Ocean allow progressing on the behaviour of this geochemical tracer
New strategy to evaluate trace element fluxes to the ocean from aerosols
Nitrate isotope distributions on the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic cross-basin section
Overview of the dissolved iron, manganese and aluminium distributions along the North Atlantic GEOTRACES GA03 section
Present day neodymium isotopic composition of the Caribbean Sea deep waters questions the paleo-application of this tracer in restricted basins
Radium quartet reveals no less than four main processes along the GEOTRACES North Atlantic Ocean section (30°N)
Rare Earth Elements are less and less natural tracers in the ocean
Results from the first US-GEOTRACES cruise in the North Atlantic
Sinking organic matter: a major driver of the oceanic zinc cycle?
Slow-spreading ridges could be major oceanic iron contributor
Surprising cadmium isotope results north of the Subantarctic Front in the South West Atlantic Ocean

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