52 years of Benthic Nepheloid Layer data!
A global compilation of the neodymium isotopic composition of seawater for GEOTRACES
A new method for simultaneous analysis of nickel, copper and zinc isotopes in seawater
A new method to measure lead isotopes in the ocean with an outstanding precision
A new model of the oceanic aluminium distribution
Amazingly detailed compilation of the silicon cycle, with an emphasis on the oceanic silicon isotope budget
Are the dissolved iron distributions well represented by the global ocean biogeochemistry models?
Barium isotope measurements help constraining the oceanic barium cycle
Benthic nepheloid layer global compilation: an invaluable resource for GEOTRACES researchers
Changing the cadmium : phosphorus paradigm?
Changing the paradigm on the oceanic iron cycle
Contrasting lithogenic inputs from North Atlantic to North Pacific Oceans traced by thorium isotopes
Copper and zinc oceanic mass balance revisited
Dealing with the chemical speciation of the elements in the different oceanic realms
Disentangling the paleo signals brought by neodymium isotopic composition
Drawing the future of phytoplankton in a changing ocean
Enlighten why macro and micronutrients display different remineralization length scales
Ever wonder how long your favourite element remains in the ocean before it’s gone again?
Field data constrain ocean mercury budget
First major ocean sections of silicon isotopes

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