GEOTRACES intercalibration of the stable silicon isotope composition of dissolved silicic acid in seawater
GEOTRACES publishes the motivations and description of its first Intermediate Data Product
GEOTRACES: Changing the way we explore ocean chemistry
Impressive set of data reveal new features on the modern cadmium–phosphate relationship
Latest discoveries about zinc concentrations and isotopes in the ocean
More realistic oceanic particle field improved the thorium-230 and protactinium-231 modeling
Neural network as tools to replace oceanic data deficiencies
New BioGEOTRACES data sets: Connecting pieces of the microbial biogeochemical puzzle
Ocean margins: the missing term for oceanic element budgets?
Onboard analysis of dissolved zinc everywhere in the open ocean with a Lab on Valve (LOV) system of the size of a bottle of wine is becoming possible
Particle distribution in repeated ocean sections and sediment resuspension
Scandium: a new oceanic tracer with surprising properties
The coupled zinc-silicon cycle paradox illuminated
The impact of the different sources of iron on the ability of the ocean to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide: reversing the paradigm?
Thorium and protactinium radionuclides reveal marine particles processes
Trace metals in deep ocean waters: A review
Using chromium isotopes to reconstruct the oxygenation history of the oceans is challenged by modern data

 Data Product (IDP2017)


 Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)


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