Metal contents of North Atlantic phytoplankton across environmental gradients
New beautiful results on marine particle speciation, a challenge for the GEOTRACES community...
Overview of the dissolved iron, manganese and aluminium distributions along the North Atlantic GEOTRACES GA03 section
Results from the first US-GEOTRACES cruise in the North Atlantic
Seasonal iron supply in the Southern Ocean is dominated by winter mixing
Shelf sediment dissolved iron source via non-reductive dissolution in the Gulf of Alaska
Siderophores facilitate microbial adaptation to iron limitation in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean
Slow-spreading ridges could be major oceanic iron contributor
Surface South Pacific ecosystems reflect the availability of the nutrients iron, nitrate and phosphate
Thanks to GEOTRACES-IPY, more and more iron data in the Arctic
The distribution of dissolved iron in the West Atlantic Ocean
The impact of the different sources of iron on the ability of the ocean to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide: reversing the paradigm?
The Scottish shelf break is not a significant source of iron to North Atlantic surface waters
Unexpected magnitude of the hydrothermal iron inputs in the deep Pacific
Upwelled hydrothermal iron stimulates massive phytoplankton blooms in the Southern Ocean
What constrains the hydrothermal dissolved iron isotopic signatures?
What controls hydrothermal plume transport of iron over 4000 km in the deep Pacific Ocean?
When hydrothermal iron fertilizes the surface ocean in the Western Tropical South Pacific Ocean
When ocean dynamic drives the land to ocean input of iron
Widespread nutrient co-limitation discovered on GEOTRACES cruise

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