A geochemical-physical coupled approach to study phytoplankton plume dynamics off the Crozet Islands (Southern Ocean)
A global compilation of the neodymium isotopic composition of seawater for GEOTRACES
A new method to measure lead isotopes in the ocean with an outstanding precision
Amazingly detailed compilation of the silicon cycle, with an emphasis on the oceanic silicon isotope budget
An example of a fruitful international intercomparison
Analyzing rapidly, precisely and semi-automatically lead isotopes on variable volumes of seawater (up to 1000 ml)
Are the mid oceanic ridges a source of radiogenic neodymium input?
Barium isotope measurements help constraining the oceanic barium cycle
Cadmium isotopes, tracers of the cadmium sequestration as cadmium sulphide in oxygen minimum zone?
Climate change induced spectacular increase of the land-ocean inputs in the Arctic Ocean
Contrasting fates of the cadmium-cadmium isotopes in the Kuroshio and Oyashio environmental systems
Contrasting lithogenic inputs from North Atlantic to North Pacific Oceans traced by thorium isotopes
Coupling Rare Earth Elements concentrations, neodymium and radium isotopes: a powerful tool to decode environmental processes
Decreasing of the industrial lead contamination in the Amundsen Sea area
Determining simultaneously iron, zinc and cadmium isotopes in small volumes of seawater is possible now!
Disentangling the paleo signals brought by neodymium isotopic composition
Dissolved iron isotopes reveal that distinct processes are controlling this micronutrient distribution in the ocean
Dissolved neodymium isotopes and Rare Earth Elements combined with oxygen isotopes trace water masses in the Fram Strait
Environmental changes in the Arctic Ocean are occurring now!
First full depth profiles of zinc isotopes in the ocean, thanks to IPY/GEOTRACES cruise (GIPY5)

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