First major ocean sections of silicon isotopes
GEOTRACES in the International Polar Year
GEOTRACES intercalibration of the stable silicon isotope composition of dissolved silicic acid in seawater
GEOTRACES publishes the motivations and description of its first Intermediate Data Product
GEOTRACES scientists discover new variability in iron supply to the oceans with climate implications
GEOTRACES: Changing the way we explore ocean chemistry
GEOTRACES: Get the right data!
Helium isotopes help to constrain high-resolution model dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea
Helium-3 plumes in the deep Indian Ocean confirm hydrothermal activity
How iron isotopes offer a new window on the oceanic biogeochemical cycling of iron
Inference about rates of thorium and particle cycling in the ocean water column
Influence of particle composition on the rate constants of thorium adsorption
Insights into Particle Cycling from Thorium and Particle Data
Iron isotopes in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean: when the dissolved phases are heavier than the particulate ones
Isotopic chromium variations do not always reflect the occurrence of low oxygenated waters
Labile particulate iron isotopic signatures trace hydrothermal and margin inputs down to the benthic layers in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Latest discoveries about zinc concentrations and isotopes in the ocean
Lead isotopes tracks leakage of Indian Ocean seawater into the Atlantic Ocean
Lithogenic influence from the Hawaiian Islands detectable up to Station ALOHA surface waters
Local geologies imprint the Antarctic Bottom Water neodymium isotopic signatures

 Data Product (IDP2017)


 Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)


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