Long-lived thorium isotopes: powerful tools to estimate lithogenic fluxes to the ocean
More realistic oceanic particle field improved the thorium-230 and protactinium-231 modeling
Neodymium isotopic compositions and rare earth element data evidence boundary exchange in the southwestern tropical and equatorial Pacific
Neodymium isotopic signature of the Ross Sea Water characterized
New data on oceanic rare earth elements concentrations and neodymium isotopic compositions
New insights into global barium cycling from the first barium isotope data for seawater
New neodymium concentration and isotopic data from the West Pacific Ocean
New neodymium data in the North East Atlantic Ocean allow progressing on the behaviour of this geochemical tracer
New revelations on boundary scavenging in the North Pacific
Nice coupling between radium-228 and neodymium parameter distribution in oceanic surface waters
Nitrate isotope distributions on the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic cross-basin section
Ocean margins: the missing term for oceanic element budgets?
Organic copper complexation may stabilise seawater stable copper isotopic composition
Present day neodymium isotopic composition of the Caribbean Sea deep waters questions the paleo-application of this tracer in restricted basins
Radium quartet reveals no less than four main processes along the GEOTRACES North Atlantic Ocean section (30°N)
Recent and original results in the Southern Ocean on mercury speciation and cadmium isotopes
Revelations from the dissolved 226Ra-228Ra pair distribution in the South East Pacific Ocean
Short-Term Variability of Dissolved Rare Earth Elements and Neodymium Isotopes in the Entire Water Column of the Panama Basin
Significant role of dissolved/particulate Nd from the Ganga–Brahmaputra river system and Bay of Bengale margin in contributing to the dissolved Nd budget of the global oceans.
Sinking organic matter: a major driver of the oceanic zinc cycle?

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