All the bioactive elements are not affected by the land-ocean gradient of the atmospheric deposition along the Eastern Pacific Zonal Transect
Dealing with the chemical speciation of the elements in the different oceanic realms
Estimation of the trace element deposition fluxes to the Atlantic Ocean using two different methods
GEOTRACES in the International Polar Year
GEOTRACES publishes the motivations and description of its first Intermediate Data Product
GEOTRACES: Changing the way we explore ocean chemistry
GEOTRACES: Get the right data!
Has the role of atmospheric dust as a control on productivity in oligotrophic regions been overestimated?
Measuring precisely with only 40 ml of sample
New method for measuring simultaneously trace metal concentrations on a very small volume of seawater
Prokaryotic communities display elevated trace metal concentrations in Pacific oxygen deficient zone
Substantial intra-basin variation of the dissolved metal/phosphorus ratio in the different water masses of the Indian Ocean
The residence times of trace elements determined in the surface Arctic Ocean during the 2015 US Arctic GEOTRACES expedition
Trace metals in deep ocean waters: A review
Using ICPMS/MS to determine manganese, iron, nickel, copper, zinc, cadmium and lead concentrations on less than 40ml of seawater
Welcome to the first Korean participation in GEOTRACES
When direct mapping of diatoms reveals unexpected fate of trace metals in the twilight zone
Where, how and which trace elements are released from dust at the sea surface?

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