All the bioactive elements are not affected by the land-ocean gradient of the atmospheric deposition along the Eastern Pacific Zonal Transect
Are the mid oceanic ridges a source of radiogenic neodymium input?
Cadmium to phosphorus ratio in euphotic zone particulates: why does it vary?
Contrasting fates of the cadmium-cadmium isotopes in the Kuroshio and Oyashio environmental systems
Dissolved zinc and silicate decoupling in the North Pacific Ocean
First results from platinum reference samples published
Important external dissolved iron inputs, HNLC water formation and strong biological seasonality explained in the North Pacific Ocean
Iron isotopes in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean: when the dissolved phases are heavier than the particulate ones
Labile particulate iron isotopic signatures trace hydrothermal and margin inputs down to the benthic layers in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Large fluxes of dissolved aluminium exported from the coast to the ocean
Lithogenic influence from the Hawaiian Islands detectable up to Station ALOHA surface waters
Long-lived thorium isotopes: powerful tools to estimate lithogenic fluxes to the ocean
Neodymium isotopic compositions and rare earth element data evidence boundary exchange in the southwestern tropical and equatorial Pacific
New neodymium concentration and isotopic data from the West Pacific Ocean
New revelations on boundary scavenging in the North Pacific
Oxygen biogeochemistry exerts a strong influence on cobalt cycling
Prokaryotic communities display elevated trace metal concentrations in Pacific oxygen deficient zone
Rare Earth distribution and pattern anomalies in the Solomon Sea
Revelations from the dissolved 226Ra-228Ra pair distribution in the South East Pacific Ocean
Shelf sediment dissolved iron source via non-reductive dissolution in the Gulf of Alaska

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