A geochemical-physical coupled approach to study phytoplankton plume dynamics off the Crozet Islands (Southern Ocean)
A global compilation of dissolved iron measurements: focus on distributions and processes in the Southern Ocean
Dissolved iron isotopes reveal that distinct processes are controlling this micronutrient distribution in the ocean
First full depth profiles of zinc isotopes in the ocean, thanks to IPY/GEOTRACES cruise (GIPY5)
GEOTRACES in the International Polar Year
Glacial erosion processes suspected to enhance the lability of particulate iron, with a strong influence on the biological demand in the subantarctic waters
Local geologies imprint the Antarctic Bottom Water neodymium isotopic signatures
Neodymium isotopic signature of the Ross Sea Water characterized
New beautiful results on marine particle speciation, a challenge for the GEOTRACES community...
New data on oceanic rare earth elements concentrations and neodymium isotopic compositions
New insights into global barium cycling from the first barium isotope data for seawater
Organic copper complexation may stabilise seawater stable copper isotopic composition
Recent and original results in the Southern Ocean on mercury speciation and cadmium isotopes
Results from the GEOTRACES cruise section GIPY11
Seasonal iron supply in the Southern Ocean is dominated by winter mixing
The causes of the 90-ppm glacial atmospheric CO2 drawdown still strongly debated
Upwelled hydrothermal iron stimulates massive phytoplankton blooms in the Southern Ocean
What constrains the hydrothermal dissolved iron isotopic signatures?

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