Forthcoming Cruises

Information about scheduled forthcoming GEOTRACES cruises is presented in the table below. If you are interested in berth or sample opportunities you may contact the GEOTRACES Scientist by clicking on the scientist name. 

For a complete list of the GEOTRACES cruises, please visit the GEOTRACES International Data Management Centre website.

Legend: In blue: GEOTRACES Section cruises; In green: GEOTRACES Process Studies; In yellow: Compliant Data cruises

Type Chief Scientist GEOTRACES
Cruise Period Location

Process Study (GApr13)

Rod Johnson

Peter Sedwick


5 cruises in 2019-2010:

10-03 - 15-03-2019
11-05 - 17-05-2019
14-08 - 20-08-2019
March 2020 TBD

Sargasso Sea, South East of Bermuda

Process Study (GPpr14)

Céclie Guieu and Sophie Bonnet

Géraldine Sarthou, Matthieu Bressac and Hélène Planquette

TONGA 31-10-2019 — 06-12-2019

Western Tropical South Pacific

 Data Product (IDP2017)


 Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)


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