Nature Communications (September 2016)

Bridgestock, L., van de Flierdt, T., Rehkämper, M., Paul, M., Middag, R., Milne, A., Lohan, M.C., Baker, A.R., Chance, R.,, Khondoker, R., Strekopytov, S., Humphreys-Williams, E., Achterberg, E.P., Rijkenberg, M.J.A., Gerringa, L. J.A., de Baar, H. J. W. (2016). Return of naturally sourced Pb to Atlantic surface waters. Nature Communications, 7, 12921. doi:10.1038/ncomms12921

Press releases:

Study of North Atlantic Ocean reveals decline of leaded petrol emissions by Colin Smith, Imperial College of London (September 2016). Download the pdf. Find it aslo at Download the pdf.

Atlantic Ocean study reveals reduction in leaded petrol emissions by Katie Hazlehurst, Natural History Museum News (September 2016). Download the pdf.

Rob Middag,Angela Milne,& Hein J. W. de Baar

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