You can review media coverage of GEOTRACES IDP2014 here.

Nature (25 February 2014):Digital atlas shows oceans' iron levels
Download pdf version

Science (7 March 2014): 3D Maps Reveal a Lead-Laced Ocean
Read the paper version (Science 7 March 2014 Vol. 343 no. 6175 p. 1070).
Download pdf version (11 March 2014): We Don't Put Lead In Our Gas Anymore, But These 3-D Maps Show It's Still In The Ocean
Download pdf version

SOLAS e-Bulletin (Summer 2014 Issue 16 p.13): GEOTRACES released its first intermediate data product!
Download pdf version

Canadian Meterological and Oceanographic Society Bulletin (February 2015, Vol. 43 No 1): Data Analysis and Visualization with Ocean Data View

In other languages:

(French) INSU-CNRS Actualités (12 March 2014): Des cartes 3D de substances d'intérêt détectées dans l'océan mondial
Download pdf version
It has been also published on the following sites: UPS (pdf), OMP (pdf), etc.

(French) La Recherche (Mars 2014, issue 487): Sur la trace des métaux dissous dans les océans

(German) AWI, GEOMAR, Oldenburg University and MPI Chemie in Mainz Joint Press Release published in printed or on-line versions of 111 newspapers or journals. One example:

IDW-Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (19.03.2014): Eisen, Cadmium, Blei & Co. – neuer 3D-Atlas macht Spurenmetalle im Ozean sichtbar
Download pdf version.

Other examples: Süddeutsche Zeitung (pdf), Die Welt (pdf), etc.

If you are aware of any other article, please send it to the GEOTRACES IPO!

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