Lab Manager at Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA

We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join Greg Cutter’s research team in the Department of Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Science at Old Dominion University. Our laboratory conducts chemical oceanography research around the globe and is associated with the international GEOTRACES program, a global effort to understand biogeochemical cycles and distributions of trace elements in the marine environment. The Lab Manager is responsible for overall operation of the laboratory, performs determinations of trace elements, nutrients, and other trace constituents, and supervises undergraduate lab assistants and other technicians, and assists the graduate research assistants. Must have analytical experience with at least some of these constituents and have participated in oceanographic sampling expeditions. Applicants should have a M.S in chemistry, oceanography, or related environmental science with at least 1-2 years of analytical laboratory and field work experience. Applications must be submitted by 5 August 2019 and the Position can start as early as 1 September 2019. Further information and apply at:

 Data Product (IDP2017)


 Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)


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To get a username and password, please contact the GEOTRACES IPO.

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