We invite applications for a postdoctoral position studying the application of stable isotopes in medical research. The candidate will explore a variety of isotope systems including δ13C, δ15N, δ33S, δ65Cu, δ56Fe, and δ66Zn. Analysis of fluid and tissue samples will be used to investigate how these new stable isotope tracers might be applied to medical problems. Our current focus is on cancer diagnosis and prognosis, though we are also interested in the fundamental understanding of isotope behavior in the medical context with other potential applications. This interdisciplinary work requires a candidate with an ability to communicate clearly across a wide range of subject areas, and with a passion for analytical excellence applied to new scientific goals. Experience in isotope geochemistry and ICPMS desired. Capability to explore large datasets, including medical metadata, would also be a strength.

The postdoc will join an exciting collaborative effort led by geochemist Prof. Seth John, working closely with Profs. Will Berelson and Josh West. We have established a relationship with researchers at USC’s Keck School of Medicine and have begun working with them on samples from cancer patients. We are looking to build on this collaboration and extend it in new directions in the medical field. Top candidates will have the drive and initiative to strengthen our existing collaborations as well as forge new ones. To apply, contact Profs Seth John (, Josh West (, and Will Berelson ( with a CV and a cover letter making special note of any background or interests in medical applications of geochemistry.

The USM Division of Marine Science seeks a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to participate in projects related to both submarine groundwater discharge as well as open ocean dissolved trace element distributions. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in oceanography or related field, with emphasis on geochemical processes. Candidates must have demonstrable experience doing geochemical research in the field as well experience in geochemical analysis. They must possess demonstrable experience in conducting science with peer-reviewed publications. Experience doing radionuclide and/or trace element research is preferred.

The position is funded by grants to Dr. Alan Shiller; work in our lab involves a variety of projects relating to studies of submarine groundwater discharge in the northern Gulf of Mexico, GEOTRACES studies of dissolved trace elements in the Pacific Ocean, and testing of new ocean chemical sensors.

To see the full job description and to apply, visit the USM Jobs web site at:

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