Departure of the GEOTRACES-India cruise in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean

GEOTRACES - India cruise onboard Sagar Kanya, SK338 (GEOTRACES cruise GI10), started on January 28, 2017 from Chennai (India). On board of the cruise 15 participants will navigate during 35 days in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean. Samples will be collected for the trace metals (Fe, Zn, Al, Mn, Cu, Cd, Mo etc) and isotopes (Nd, Hf, C, N, Mo, Fe, Si, B, Th, Pa). In addition to basic parameters, dissolved Fe and Zn will be measured onboard. For the first time, particulate matter will be collected using McLane pump.

2017 GI10 team2017 GI10 trackFigures: (Top) Participants to the Indian cruise SK339 (GI10); (Bottom) SK339 (GI10) cruise track.

Chief Scientist: Mr. Venkatesh Chinni
GEOTRACES Scientist: Sunil Kumar Singh

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