GEOTRACES intercalibration cruise for mercury species in seawater

A GEOTRACES intercalibration cruise for mercury species in seawater will be held from 11 to 23 June 2017. During that time, 6 daily cruises in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea will be conducted on res
earch vessel Anthedon II. 23 scientists of 13 international Hg teams will sample a coastal – open ocean gradient using a trace clean rosette with 12 Go-Flo bottles and 4 McLane in situ pumps. Samples will be brought back to the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography and analyzed in clean conditions within hours after sampling. We will also fill 1500 pre-combusted 100 mL glass bottles to develop a GEOTRACES Hg reference material. This intercalibration cruise is build on the previous intercalibration exercises within GEOTRACES (2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015), and those before, and will be essential for the intercalibration of all Hg species for the GEOTRACES intermediate data product (IDP).

Chief scientist: Lars-Eric Heimbürger (Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, France)

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