RiO5 radiochemical methods now available

A SCOR Working Group, RiO5, has created an on-line radiochemical "cookbook" that may be of interest to the GEOTRACES community.  You can browse your favorite recipes by category (seawater, biota, filters, sediments), search by ingredient (elements/isotopes), author, or by detection methods.  You can freely download the latest and greatest recipes and some of the classics, each with step by step lab instructions for the processing of marine samples for detection of radionuclides via counting methods or mass spectrometry.

We are also invited on this site to contribute your own favorite recipes on line at any time. 

The easiest way to find it is via the CMER web site either clicking on the rotating image, or use the link in the top row of the banner. 

If you find any bugs, email

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