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PhD position, EcoLab, Toulouse, France

Gaël Le Roux and François De Vleeschouwer are seeking for an excellent candidate to pursue a PhD at EcoLab, Toulouse, France. The full description is in this document.

The PhD attribution is pending a grant call where our subject has been ranked priority amongst other Earth Science topics. The candidate will have to go through an interview where a jury of the University of Toulouse will select the best candidate+subject combo.

While these grants are generally for French students, we feel that it may interest much more students abroad and that an excellent candidate (ranked first or second of his class) would have all his chance to get a grant.

We are willing to fund the travel expenses linked to the interview.

If you know any excellent candidate, please let her/him know. Please feel free to transfer to any colleague who may be interested.

Any candidate should contact us by email first, before April 25th in order to evaluate his/her dossier first and allocate time to apply further online

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