Discover GEOTRACES cruise blogs by clicking on the links below:

- Hg on the Sea - US Arctic Cruise (2015)

- South African Southern Ocean cruise Blog (2014-2015)

- Australian GP13 cruise Blog by Melanie Gault-Ringold (May-June 2011)

- UK Shelf Sea Process Study Blog (2014-2015)

- Canadian Arctic cruise Blog (July-August 2015)

- US Arctic cruise Blogs (August-October 2015): 

- Mercury in the Arctic Ocean - ResearchGate (July-October 2015)

- German Arctic cruise (TransArc II) Blog, Polastern Blog (August-October 2015)

- Australian HEOBI voyage (January - March 2016)

- Australian K-Axis voyage (January - March 2016)

- GA13 FRidge cruise blog (December 2017 - February 2018) by Lise Artigue

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