Float Your Boat outreach project

US GEOTRACES participates in the “Float Your Boat” an educational outreach program that provides young people an opportunity to learn about the changing Arctic, marine debris, and maritime careers through participation in a study of Arctic drift patterns, by sending their own toy boats to the Arctic. This project recreates an historic drift cask study conducted at the turn of the last century. Float Your Boat aims to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of their connection with the world’s oceans.


The US GEOTRACES plans to deploy over 1300 boats on the ice as drifters to track the ice movement across the Arctic. This project was featured on the Float Your Boat home page:

A short (less than a minute) video showing all the 1,300 colourful boats as they were packed in boxes for loading on board USCGC Healy is available on the following link:



 Data Product (IDP2017)


 Data Assembly Centre (GDAC)


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