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Title Published Date
When atmospheric dynamic controls the nutrient distributions in the ocean 02 April 2014
First results from platinum reference samples published 02 April 2014
GEOTRACES: Changing the way we explore ocean chemistry 01 April 2014
The potential of anthropogenic 236-Uranium as a new and transient oceanographic tracer demonstrated in the North Atlantic 26 March 2014
New data on oceanic rare earth elements concentrations and neodymium isotopic compositions 25 March 2014
Long-lived thorium isotopes: powerful tools to estimate lithogenic fluxes to the ocean 21 January 2014
New revelations on boundary scavenging in the North Pacific 11 December 2013
Analyzing rapidly, precisely and semi-automatically lead isotopes on variable volumes of seawater (up to 1000 ml) 03 December 2013
New method for measuring simultaneously trace metal concentrations on a very small volume of seawater 27 November 2013
When ocean dynamic drives the land to ocean input of iron 21 November 2013
Results from the first US-GEOTRACES cruise in the North Atlantic 31 October 2013
Large amounts of soluble manganese(III) identified at the land-ocean interface 30 October 2013
Slow-spreading ridges could be major oceanic iron contributor 30 October 2013
Dissolved iron in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean 28 October 2013
First combined distributions of dissolved Neodymium (Nd) - Hafnium (Hf) concentrations and isotope compositions from the Baltic Sea 24 October 2013
GEOTRACES: Get the right data! 24 October 2013
Are the mid oceanic ridges a source of radiogenic neodymium input? 09 September 2013
Tracking the Indian Ocean source of barium 05 September 2013
Determining simultaneously iron, zinc and cadmium isotopes in small volumes of seawater is possible now! 03 September 2013
GEOTRACES scientists discover new variability in iron supply to the oceans with climate implications 22 July 2013
Nice coupling between radium-228 and neodymium parameter distribution in oceanic surface waters 14 July 2013
The power of tracers: a 3D animation example of Thorium-230 along GEOTRACES North Atlantic Sections 09 July 2013
Latest recommendations for successful analysis of dissolved osmium in seawater 02 July 2013
A global compilation of dissolved iron measurements: focus on distributions and processes in the Southern Ocean 26 June 2013
Substantial intra-basin variation of the dissolved metal/phosphorus ratio in the different water masses of the Indian Ocean 23 May 2013
Neodymium isotopic compositions and rare earth element data evidence boundary exchange in the southwestern tropical and equatorial Pacific 21 May 2013
Arsenic detoxification by phytoplankton reveals that arsenic species could be good proxies of phosphorus limitation 26 March 2013
Dissolved cobalt enrichments over the Kerguelen plateau confirm that most of the natural fertilization is due to partial dissolution of local basalts 03 March 2013
Significant role of dissolved/particulate Nd from the Ganga–Brahmaputra river system and Bay of Bengale margin in contributing to the dissolved Nd budget of the global oceans. 25 February 2013
Hydrothermalism: A significant dissolved iron source for the deep waters ? 29 January 2013
Basin-scale inputs of cobalt, iron, and manganese from the Benguela-Angola front to the South Atlantic Ocean 16 December 2012
New beautiful results on marine particle speciation, a challenge for the GEOTRACES community... 03 December 2012
Results from the GEOTRACES cruise section GIPY11 04 July 2012
Trace metals in deep ocean waters: A review 04 July 2012
A global compilation of the neodymium isotopic composition of seawater for GEOTRACES 16 May 2012
Measuring precisely with only 40 ml of sample 03 May 2012
New strategy to evaluate trace element fluxes to the ocean from aerosols 23 April 2012
Recent and original results in the Southern Ocean on mercury speciation and cadmium isotopes 11 April 2012
Thanks to GEOTRACES-IPY, more and more iron data in the Arctic 10 April 2012
Ocean margins: the missing term for oceanic element budgets? 21 July 2011
GEOTRACES in the International Polar Year 21 July 2011

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